Myers’ March Madness!

For most people, the month of March is a time to drink green beer and watch his or her favorite team compete in the NCAA tournament. But for medical professionals, March is a time where we see high volumes of patients with similar complaints: fatigue, muscle aches, depression, irritability, poor sleep and a few extra pounds that they didn’t have in December. This is why I recommend a Myers’ cocktail to help my patients deal with the Winter Blues as they prepare for a brighter Spring.

This treatment is named after the late John Myers, MD, a Maryland physician who utilized IV infusions stocked full of vitamins and nutrients to assist with treating patients with a variety of conditions. As the Winter months come to a close, many people find themselves in the recovery process from a variety of illness and viruses (particularly this past year, one of the worst influenza seasons in nearly a decade).

By increasing the circulating concentration of a variety of vitamins (B complex, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B6, B5), the Myers’ cocktail can be the perfect remedy to help get you ready for the months ahead. By receiving intravenous vitamins at higher concentrations than can be achieved with over the counter supplements, the GI tract is bypassed; thus, patients that are dehydrated due to a viral illness or have had inadequate hydration due to stressors from work, a Myers’ cocktail can provide you with the necessary boost towards a healthier lifestyle. We are constantly losing nutrients and vitamins both due to excessive consumption caused by inflammation as well as through our gastrointestinal tract due to malabsorption. Overall, the patient suffers causing them to have a harder time healing and getting over that Winter Blues hump.

At Vida-Flo, we are able to cater your Myers’ cocktail to your specific need and concern. For example, patients with seasonal depression and chronic fatigue would benefit from a base of Vitamin D, B Complex, B5 with B12 and/or Vitamin C. Those with chronic allergies, frequent colds or breathing problems would see a benefit from the addition of Magnesium and B6. Need help with recovery from those grueling, winter workouts? Try adding Glutathione. Dryness and brittle hair? Biotin/B7 would be your answer. This March, I’m prescribing Myers’ to all of my patients!

Dr. Brendan Doucette
Medical Director, Vida-Flo

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